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Do you have vehicles to move from another city to your dealership? We may be able to help. Give Brynn a call for more info @ 1-800-667-2555.

Welcome to Midcan Brokers Inc

    Midcan Brokers, a wholesaler based out Saskatoon, has been in business for 23 years. We supply dealers with product that sells! We buy sell, sell & trade on a dealer level only. With 38 years in the business, General Manager Brynn Parker prices our units right with current market values. Our specialty is fleet & lease vehicle remarketing and we usually have at least 150 units on the ground ready for immediate delivery.

    We deal with all the major rental/fleet/lease companies as well as acquire stock from trading with other dealers. We safety all our vehicles that originate from out of province and the majority of our units have remaining factory warranty.

    We offer free transport to Regina, Calgary & Edmonton on all our vehicles and can have your units moved to anywhere in North America in good time. Dealing with us you'll know exactly what you're getting before you get it (We do 90% of our business over the phone/internet). We're not so concerned with selling you one vehicle but the next 100 we could sell you.

    We'll pay cash for any size package & pick them up ASAP with a certified cheque in hand. If you have a package for sale you can contact Brynn by phone, fax or email. If you need any references, just ask someone you know!

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Midcan Brokers Inc
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